Trees are fascinating, there’s no doubt about that and let’s face it – it’s hard to overstate their importance and the numerous benefits of planting trees on your property.

From providing extra privacy and shade to helping you breathe; trees can even increase the value of your home. You can even get a free tree planted today. However, there’s one thing that you may have overlooked – Tree Roots and Sewer Stoppage!

One of the most frequent causes of sewage line blockages in Los Angeles area is tree roots which, if not caught in time, can result in inconvenience and damage. That’s right, and while we may celebrate that there are over 60,000 species of trees on the planet, you wouldn’t want one of them creeping along your sewer line.

But here’s the scary part – chances are that your trees were planted before you moved in and you’re unaware of the location of your property’s water and sewage lines, am I right?  Well, for those of you nodding in agreement, it’s a familiar story and it usually goes like this…

Why You Can’t Let Los Angeles Tree Roots & Sewer Damage Just Get Away

Did you know that the majority of tree roots are found in the upper 18 inches of soil, with over half of them growing in the top 6 inches? This lack of depth is compensated for by lateral expansion, meaning, for example, a mature oak tree can have roots stretching hundreds of miles long below the ground.

And here’s the thing – your main sewage line that transports all waste and drainage from your home to the city sewer or a septic tank will also be near or down there somewhere. If the roots and mainline converge, well, put it this way – prepare for battle!  

The root cause of the problem

Fall, winter, and spring are the peak times when deciduous trees’ roots grow the fastest before leafing out. They are either storing or dispersing nutrients during this period. If they are allowed to grow unchecked, they form a dense web that can penetrate the sewage line through tiny cracks or joints.

This can lead to clogs, water damage, and even sinkholes on your property, and imagine if they can get under a slab or between cement lines – the powerful roots will go on to uproot the entire concrete foundation causing extensive damage to your home’s plumbing system, costing you a small fortune.

How to prevent tree roots in your sewer line

If you’re consideringplanting more trees or you’re planning your landscape for the first time, remember that roots are attracted to oxygen and water, so they can tap into excess nutrients. Therefore, you should avoid planting them in the area around your sewer line if you want to keep their roots out of the pipe.

We don’t tend to give much thought to plumbing until it stops working, but your local plumber will be only too happy to visit and discuss the location of your sewer line if you’re unsure.

Installing a metal or plastic root barrier around the sewer pipe is another approach to keep tree roots from moving in the direction of a pipe and ensuring they stay out of your sewer line. The barrier should be buried at least 12 inches deep and extend at least 6 inches beyond the pipe.

Alternatively, every six to twelve months you can distribute copper sulfate or potassium hydroxide crystals along the pipe – they will poison the intruders.

How to tackle tree roots in your sewer line

If you believe that tree roots are infiltrating your sewer system, you should act fast to prevent more damage. Some telltale indications that you have sewer stoppage are:

•  Gurgling or sluggish drains

•  Recurring or persistent toilet blockages

•  Unpleasant odors or overflowing sewage

•  Puddles or muddy areas in your yard

•  Issues with sinkholes or cracks in your foundation

Get the job done right the first time

By now you’ll have realized that sewer stoppage is not only inconvenient but very damaging and expensive too. Many of you may have already experienced the devastation tree roots can cause and tried to tackle the issue on your own. Sounds easy enough but why not get things sorted properly the first time around?

It seems pointless to constantly use a root killer on sewage lines just to have the roots reappear, or to dig up the entire yard or garden to locate and fix the pipe. Think I’m exaggerating? Tree intrusion is quite a challenge because the problem is much bigger than you think.

An enormous tree root system might spread out over time beneath your home, then other serious issues may start to emerge. The only surefire approach to determine the precise source of your sewer stoppage is to hire a certified plumber.

Top Los Angles residential plumbing service provider such as Mr. Speedy Rooter comes fully-recommended for all your Emergency plumbing problems, drain and sewer blockage issues. We will happily return your Los Angeles property to normalcy using the most advanced water extraction and cleanup equipment in no time at all.

It may be tempting to kill sewer line roots yourself to save a few bucks, however, a qualified professional not only knows how to fix the issue but also has the tools necessary to uncover and get rid of tree roots effectively and quickly. He or she will also fix your sewer system, and an annual plumbing inspection will help locate issues and prevent severe damage before it kicks off.

Can you really afford not to do it right? Give us a call Today! Get your tree root issue fixed!